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Hello Cosmos!

Yes, i am here now with new year. First of all; I wish you a great year and i believe it will be a perfect year for me too. Welcome to my blog page. I don’t want to choose topic name as Hello World ! Because World is so busy to answer my greetings. For this reason, I have told my Greetings to Cosmos. Maybe there should be a someone that understand me in somewhere around. Anyway; lets come to main reason of this first blog post.

I have been thinking on a create a blog page for a long time. I always say to myself that i need to do it but you know that lazy people always say i can do it tomorrow. I am one of them. I postponed it a long time for this reason. I apologize for my laziness. I think that ” Create a Blog” is one of the thing that every Engineer must write it on his or her To-Do List. Now, I am starting to write my blog with a high motivation. It will have large-scale topic range. Also you can find some other topics on my Projects page. So you can find a lot of different topics and words on here.

Here; I will share my own pleasures and words. When you read my page, It can be bored or enjoyful. It depends on you; but don’t forget i need your criticise and feedback for improve my contents. Please leave your comment on my blog, how you think.

If you have any questions or requests, you can contact me as would you like. Thanks for your interest.

Best Regards.

NOTE:” I am not a native English speaker. I apologize about my mistakes on English Grammer for this reason.”