What is RobotCraft?

Hello; I realized that I needed to write this article about RobotCraft, which we have been working on for a long time. I really get a lot of messages and e-mails about the subject and so I’ve decided to write this. You can find all the answers to all the detailed questions in this article and it is worthwhile to read it in detail before your application; I will try to explain everything as clearly as I can. If you have any other problems that I have not answered in this article, please do not hesitate to post comments, send messages or e-mails.

Firstly; what is RobotCraft?

RobotCraft is a Summer Internship and Intensive Summer Course on Robotics that I planned with Micael Couceiro, who is my Professor and CEO of the Ingeniarius, Ltd. The idea came in 2015, while I was doing internship in there.
Ingeniarius, Ltd. is an experienced engineering company located in Coimbra, Portugal. Ingeniarius aims for research and technological development in the many fields of engineering, including robotics and automation, as well as all components within human society, namely the quality of life, sports and health. This course on robotics prepares students for their studies, academic research and business life, with a very practical hands-on approach. In the very first version, between the 27 July and the 27 August 2016, we achieved an excellent result with 65 people coming from all over the world. You can have a brief overview of such success in on our site: http://robotcraft.ingeniarius.pt

How to apply? Who can participate in this program?

You can participate in this internship within Erasmus+ Placement Mobility, or without it. The whole application system is done online through our registration system. After registering, you can access to all necessary information and upload the documents needed to apply for the course. You can see below which departments can benefit from this programme. On the other hand, we are not looking for any specific preconditions. It will be enough that you trust yourself, you are motivated and eager to learn, and you know English (B1 level at least). I believe that you can learn all you need from the beginning of the course. Still, if you need some additional support, you can always attend our extra crafts which are prepared to provide preliminary training for RobotCraft. (https://robotcraft.ingeniarius.pt/register)

If I have to briefly summarize it, I would say: Good English communication and teamwork skills, motivation for learning, capable of working in an international environment independently; all those are important features to attend RobotCraft. Besides that, it should be noted that the following fields of expertize have been the most common in RobotCraft interns: Electrical Engineering, Electronics Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Robotics, Computer Engineering and Science, Industrial Engineering, Mechatronics Engineering, others.

What are the aims and objectives of this program? What can you learn?

Ingeniarius provides internship mobility and a unique summer course as an innovative and hands-on collective internship in robotics. Students attending this 2-months program will have the opportunity to work in robotics, focusing on several state-of-the-art approaches and technologies. This next summer course, entitled as the 2nd Robotics Craftsmanship International Academy (RobotCraft 2017), will provide a general overview of the science and art behind robotics, teaching the basis around the Arduino programming and the ROS framework. Students will learn how to design, build and program their robots throughout multiple crafts, carefully prepared to provide a wide range of skills and knowledge in the topic. I suggest that you do not see this as something completely robotics oriented, because many things in Technology and Engineering are connected to many other domains. Therefore, you will have chance to further apply the acquired concepts to other areas. This will allow to prepare yourself with scientific and technologic knowledge necessary to create your future own infrastructure.

In brief, here is what you will earn:

Opportunity to work with a highly dynamic team of enterprise executives and experts in robotics

Improve your understanding of professional and ethical responsibilities

Improve your understanding of problems in long-cycle development projects

Opportunity to improve or learn a new foreign language (Portuguese)

Opportunity to learn about a new culture

Opportunity to mention that you attended a professional internship in your CV

Opportunity to better prepare yourself for the after-graduation life by having a working experience in a business environment and abroad

Improve your self-confidence and institutionalization

Self-recognize the limits of your abilities and improve the professional knowledge and skill level

Do not think of this entirely as work; there will be many activities and volunteering tasks during the course. You will be within a context of education, volunteering, entrepreneurship, communication, business management and teamwork.

You can also take a look preliminary programme here:


Why is there a fee of 275€? And when is deadline?

This fee is calculated by taking into consideration all we intend to offer. I would like to point out that we are not pursuing any profit. This fee is used to pay keynote speakers to our summer course, to provide materials to build the robots and to increase the taskforce of mentors during that period. Extra human resources are working for this program and we need to cover their expenses. You can think of this as a kind of donation or service charge.

The following contents are available within this service charge:

Acceptance Letter and Certificate of Attendance

Visa Support

Welcome Pack

Equipment required for courses

Materials to be used in Course (Arduino, Robotic Equipment, etc.)

Accommodation assistance

Keynote speakers

If interns face any problems during or after the program, they will always be able to communicate and get assistance near the RobotCraft team. In addition to this, we also provide sponsorship agreement. ESN Card holders and Coimbra University students can register in the program for 200€ as a result of our agreement with ESN Trabzon, which I was a founder president, and Coimbra University, which hosts RobotCraft classes and provides technical support through its robotics club. Please do not forget: you must upload your ESN Card or Coimbra University Card in our system when you apply. After the application is concluded, those cards will not be accepted.

The application deadline and course length can change every year so please check our website. This year’s deadline is the 30th April 2017. The course will take place from the 3rd July to the 3rd September 2017.

Why Coimbra? Portugal?

Portugal is one of the small but rising countries of Europe. Here, research projects and opportunities are expanding day by day. It will be a country where you will feel engaged with its history, culture and touristic places. Besides this, it may be your priorities to learn Portuguese in order 4 in the most spoken languages.

Coimbra can be best described as Portugal’s city of students. Each year thousands of students are going there in Erasmus. It is the oldest university in Europe, called “Universidade de Coimbra”. When you’ll arrive, you will be able to discover all its long history.

Regarding transportation, Coimbra is almost equally distant from Lisbon, the capital, and Porto, the second most important city of Portugal. After arriving in Porto or Lisbon by plane, you can easily reach Coimbra by train or bus in about one hour and a half.

The total economic dimension of the project, including transportation, accommodation, eating and drinking

How much you spend will inevitably vary from person to person. As everyone can spend a different amount of money, here is my typical budget during the summer, calculated for a period of two months.

Description “Price (€)”

Service Fee   “275 € (regular) / 200 € (ESN Card or Coimbra University)”

Flight Tickets  “Depends on distance and date of purchase”

Accommodation (with bills)   “500 €”

Eating & Dining   “300 €”

Local transportation  “75 €”

Total “€ 1500 (Maximum, with Ticket and Visa costs) 900 € – 1000 € (Minimum)”

The facts from Our Last Summer Course Survey Results

We did a survey on the first version of RobotCraft to get feedback and improve our work. As a result of these surveys, RobotCraft got an average 4 points out of 5. Mentors and Social Activities were also rated at the same time and they also had a same score. The result from these surveys are going to be considered for this next version. You will experience these innovations and you will see that it’s going to be an amazing experience, as it was for the first generation of robotcrafters, of even better!

Information about Our Future Works

I really think that RobotCraft can be of much use for your future plans. In this context, I already worked on various subjects and plans and I will share those with you. Our goal for this next summer internship is to make it an international project and involve as many people from all over the world as we can. I am working on this voluntarily and I will continue doing so. If you want to get information about any subject, you can always contact me. Besides that, we are writing down all information you may need for RobotCraft with the intent to prepare an excellent booklet that can guide you. It will be online as soon as possible.

My Own Experience

I’ve learned and experienced a lot of things from the three times I was here during my Erasmus+ Mobility. A lot changed since my first arrival. I’ve learned a lot about robotics and the structure of the company. I also improved my English and learned Portuguese. I’ve always had the opportunity to move forward. I can say that you have to leave your comfort zone to improve yourself and this is an excellent opportunity to do so. I have also worked on my entrepreneurship skills in a variety of subjects, and I had the opportunity to learn Portuguese culture and history very closely. I had the opportunity to join several networks with my Dear Professor Micael Couceiro and his colleagues, Andre Araujo and Samuel Pereira. Every day I think I have to develop myself on a better way. I threw out my scared mask; I would recommend any of these studies to everyone because it has opened and expended my horizon and it will work as such for you as well.

If you want to get more detailed information about the subject, please do not forget to contact me via social media. You can always reach me everywhere. Everything is in your hands – take risks and be open to your self-development. With the right motivation, you will pass the hard and stoned roads step by step, and you will achieve your goals. Do not be afraid, just take one step in the right direction, do the necessary research, define your future goals and get in the road.


Summary and Contact Addresses

In summary, RobotCraft is a wonderful summer internship and it is waiting for you. We look forward to host more students. You can learn a lot if you keep your motivation up. Besides, you have the opportunity to expand your horizons, have fun, and visit new places. You can always contact us for more details. We will be proud to help you out.

Best Regards.

You can reach us through channels like ErasmusIntern.org, PraxisNetwork, GlobalPlacement, GoOverSeas, GoAbroad. In addition to these, we have contact addresses and social media accounts below.

Adress: Rua Coronel Veiga Simão, Edificio CCTV 3º Piso 3025-307 Coimbra/PORTUGAL

Telephone: +351 239 099 372

Mobile Phone: +351 96 117 14 09

Email: education@my.ingeniarius.pt / welcome@ingeniarius.pt

Webpages: www.ingeniarius.pt / robotcraft.ingeniarius.pt

Social Media:

               Facebook: www.facebook.com/robotcraft.ingeniarius.pt

               Instagram: www.instagram.com/robotcraft.ingeniarius.pt


  1. Ali Tahir 3rd March 2017 at 4:49 pm

    How could I get visa assistance?
    I’m from Pakistan
    Should I apply for student Schengen visa or for residency permit?

    1. Muhammed R. Yavuz 4th March 2017 at 8:52 pm

      Hello Ali;

      Thank you for your question. I am preparing my blog post about it, I will share as soon as possible. You must apply to Visa before your travel to Portugal for Study Exchanges. Stay tuned.

  2. Dom 8th March 2017 at 1:29 pm

    I can attend to RobotCraft just in case I’ll have access to the Erasmus grant.
    Can I just sign up for the moment, and pay when I’ll be selected?

    1. Muhammed R. Yavuz 11th March 2017 at 10:37 am

      Hello Domenico,

      You can sign up, If you will get selected, You will have your acceptance letter. Deadline of Payment is 30 April 2017.

  3. Abdelilah 16th March 2017 at 8:39 pm

    I got my acceptance letter online.Should I pay now? Where to do so?,And when I the pay is done , How could the embassy know about my acceptance?

    1. Muhammed R. Yavuz 27th March 2017 at 4:15 pm

      I gave detailed information about it on my Projects Posts and with e-mails; About Embassy, Please check your embassy, They will tell you related steps.Thank you for your questions.

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