Visa Process of Portugal for Erasmus+ and European Voluntary Service

NOTE: This article is written for support Visa Process; Before your application Please contact the Consulate Section of Embassy of Portugal and get more detailed information from them. All information. The Consulate may ask different information and documents from you. Also please contact to Embassy in your Country. This procedure is for people who are living or studying in Turkey.

In this article, I will explain to you about the Visa Process for Erasmus+ Mobility and European Voluntary Service for Portugal. I had to make a visa application even though I had a Green Turkish Passport because I have gone to long term. (If you are going longer than 90 days; you should apply for National Visa no matter that which type passport you have) National Visas are given by Embassy of Portugal in Ankara. Besides, if you live near Istanbul; you can apply for Schengen visa from the Embassy of Hungary in Istanbul, which has an agreement with Embassy of Portugal for short touristic trips (shorter than 90 days) please take a look at the Embassy’s page in below.


Brief notes;

  • To obtain an appointment for Visa Application, Please send e-mail to
  • It is always useful to check in any case web page of the Consulate Section of Embassy of Portugal
  • You must apply for a Schengen visa at least 15 days before your travel date. You must apply for a National Visa at least 30 days before your travel date.
  • People who will travel more than 90 days should get a “National Visa”. If you do not travel more than 90 days you can get a Tourist Visa; besides, there is no need for Visa for students who will pass Green Turkish Passport less than 90 days, but as I said again, You should contact the Consulate in every way and please ask your questions.

Embassy of Portugal in Ankara

First of all, you should send to e-mail the Consulate Section of Embassy of Portugal and make an appointment. After you send your e-mail them, the consulate will be back for the appointment. You must write your details as an in following e-mail example. You can reach it below. After you have emailed this sample, they will return to you with 3 different days for an Appointment. From these days you can choose the most suitable for you and write back they e-mail as they want. You cannot choose the day according to your head, or randomly.

 Dear Sir/Madam;

 I am Muhammed Rasid Yavuz. I will visit Portugal with European Voluntary Service/Erasmus + Learning Mobility/Erasmus + Internship Mobility between xx/xx/2017 and xx/xx/2017.

Also, I attached my Acceptance Letter on this e-mail

My Phone Number is +90 XXX XXX XX XX. I would like to make an appointment for date XX.XX.2017

 Thank you for your interest. Kindest Regards.

Then they will confirm your appointment and send you an e-mail about it. They will also provide you Information about documents to be prepared with this mail. Below you will find a list of these documents.


Please read here carefully; Plainly written documents are required for Erasmus+ Study and Placement Mobility. As well as the documents that I wrote with italic font style are only required for European Voluntary Service. If you are going to apply Visa for European Voluntary Service, do not forget to include documents written with Italic font style as well as other documents.

1-Application Form (It may be required to fill in 2 or 3 pieces.) (Http://

Another form won’t accepted at all. This form will be sent to you by e-mail already filled in as an example. To filling is not hard, but it can always be some mistakes.

2- 2 Photos of you (Background should be White and Passport Size)

3- Invitation or Acceptance Letter from the Institution, Company or University in Portugal

4- Support Letter that you get from your Sending Organization in Turkey (Only Required Document for EVS)

5- Proof of means of Subsistence, your Bank Statement of the last 3 months (You must have at least the amount of the grant that you will have. For this section; I invested500-600 € in my Bank Euro Account which has Euro Currency.) Also; if you have a scholarship, you must add the English Translation of the grant or scholarship letter that you will receive from the University for the Erasmus+ Study and Placement Mobility.

6- Proof of your financial situation;

  • Copies of your EURO Account (You can obtain it from your bank and Even if it is photocopied it must be signed and stamped by your bank)
  •  A petition signed by your parent ( It must be English or Translated to English by Sworn Translator, and a photocopy of the ACTUAL EURO ACCOUNT STATEMENT of your Parent; the holder must have enough amount to cover the length of your study, Voluntary Service Time in Portugal. // for this I have written a petition in English and gave to my father for sign to it. (This is required for EVS, but also if you are not going with Erasmus+ Grant or another scholarship; you must show this documents; I provided just a petition because I had a Scholarships on all my applications)

7-The agreement signed by the institutions between Portugal and Turkey / Which called European Voluntary Service Project Agreement; the Hosting Organisation, the sending organisation and you must have to sign it. This project agreement includes all the details about the project. / This document is required for EVS

8-English Version of your Student Certificate from Student Affairs Office of your University. If it is not English you must translate it to English by sworn translator (If you are a student; this is required for EVS and Erasmus+) // I added it for Erasmus+ Visa Applications but I was not a student when I apply Visa Application of EVS for this reason I did not give for my EVS Visa Application. You can easily get it English Language from Student Affairs.

9- If you will go more than 90 days, you will have to give them your criminal record and English Translation of it by sworn translator (You must bring Original and Translated Version, You do not need to translate it when you receive in English. You don’t need to have Apostille from the Notary on your Criminal Record and Translation. (There is no need for people who go less than 90 days.)

10. Establishment Letter of Organisations in Turkey and Portugal // I did not know exactly what this was. But I have added the documentation in English on the European Volunteer Service Database about two organisations. (Only a Document Required for EVS)

11. Proof of Accommodation for the intended period of stay (Can be written on Invitation or Acceptation Letter or You must have hotel reservation) – I received a Grant and Accommodation Letter with the address of where I will live. Be sure that address is written on your acceptance letter. Otherwise, you need to make a Hotel Reservation and provide this document for Application. You can do it on and many other internet pages.

(If there is nothing specify about your place of stay in your Acceptance or Invitation Letter, you must book at least one-week Hotel Reservation.)

12. Medical / Health Insurance valid throughout the territory of the Member States and cover the entire period (including one day before and one day after) of the person’s intended stay or transit. The minimum coverage shall be EUR 30.000; (which must be started 1 day before Departure date from your country and ended 1 day after Arrival date to your Country Please bring a photocopy of your insurance when you are going your application appointment.

  • It is done automatically from CIGNA by your Sending Organization. Simply enter the CIGNA page with your Internet Password and print it in Portuguese or English (CIGNA is your health insurance for EVS)
  • For Erasmus + You must have at least 30.000 Euros guarantee for your Travel Health Insurance, which starts 1 day before and ends 1 day after the day you will return. // I have purchased this Insurance from Allianz. You can make a suitable bid from various insurance companies but please do not have 3 months entry-exit condition. Be careful about this.

13. Copy of your ID card

14. Copies of the first page of your passport and, if applicable, your visas

15. Flight or Travel Reservation or other proof of Intended Transport (You must bring a departure plane reservation paper with your probable visa release day)

16. Requested Documents from National Agency // the sending organisation must request this documents to your name from the National Agency. You cannot individually ask.

NOTE: Visa Fee is not taken from Turkish students who will be gone to Portugal under of Erasmus+ Study and Placement Mobility, Visa fees are charged for foreign students. On the other hand, it will be charged for European Voluntary Service. Also; if you are going just to do your internship Visa Fee is will be charged.

Just in case you should have two or three copies of your documents in your hand, you won’t die with to take photocopies of them 🙂 Because you can use them in any emergency situation. Also, you can scan your documents and transfer them to digital media. Please do not forget to check the e-mail from the Consular Section of the Embassy of Portugal as well. They may request different documents and documents may change.

You also need to go to Ankara for a visa application and do it individually. I have done two times Erasmus+ and one time EVS Visa applications personally in Ankara. If you have a few missing documents, you can send them later by post mail or e-mail (depending on the person in the consulate). In addition to this, there may be additional documents that you need to fill in at the consulate.

To get your released Visa, you can fill out the UPS Cargo form at the Embassy and send it to your home with a charge of 20 TL or you can leave a petition to your family member in Ankara.

Take care that all your documents are in order and correct. You do not have to stress in the consulate and fill out the document. Once you’ve handed in your documents and paid the Visa fee, the waiting section begins.

Your Visa may release in one week – one month, the same visa of my Friend arrived on the 7th day but it reached me after the 25th day. So you do not have to stress. If there is any problem, the Consulate will return to you. The fee that I paid for the European Voluntary Service Visa application was 245 Turkish Liras. I did not pay any fees for Erasmus + Study and Placement Mobility. This fee may vary according to the currency.

Besides that, I have applied National Visa for more than 90 days because I was a long term for all my projects. So if you say you have a Green Passport and you will be going for longer than 90 days, you cannot apply for a Visa or Residence permit in Portugal. Before you travel, you must get your visa. The maximum duration of your Visa will be 4 months, and when you arrive in Portugal, you must apply to extend your stay with your organisation or your University in the last 1 month with the condition that you have to add 120 days to your entry to Portugal. This may vary, with your visa as well as your passport, a note within your relevant passport. Your organisation is helping you in this regard. There was no difficulty for me, but there are some things you should not forget. These; If you are flying in transit, you must notify the Foreigners Office (Serviço de Estrangeiros e Fronteiras – SEF) within the first 3 days of your arrival, and you cannot work with these visas or be on a different project. If you get late for your extension; you can pay some punishment.

If you want to get more information about this, please contact me via e-mail. As I said, it is important to follow the Consulate in every matter, this article is written only to support your visa process.

Good luck …


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