My European Voluntary Service Application and Project Content

In this project article, I will shortly talk about the abstract of European Voluntary Service, my application, and the project topic. EVS is one of the occupations in which I’ve involved. I answer some basic questions like “What is EVS?”, “Why did I apply to EVS?”. Also, I give you some brief information about my project and the city I live. In the next days, I will write you what are the steps of European Voluntary Service and what can you gain with this Erasmus+ programme? If you want to make a detailed research about EVS, You can check your country’s National Agency European Voluntary Service Page or European Youth Portal.

What is EVS?

EVS is an Erasmus+ programme which designed to support volunteer works and active citizenship of young people between 18-30. The most important thing here is Sending Organization and Host Organisation. One of these organizations needs to be Coordinating Organisation. In these contexts; In your organization, you are required to help some objectives and make them achieved. Accommodation, food, and transport costs are covered under this programme. Besides, you get pocket money in a certain amount in but the pocket money differs from one country to another. Duration of the project can change between 2-12 months. You have various kind of responsibilities in your project and you deal with so many tasks. These tasks are defined by your host organization. In addition, under the Project, you have Compulsory Social Health Insurance which is made by Erasmus+ and called CIGNA. Also if you have Visa cost, it will be covered under your EVS Project. You can find institutions work in many different areas, including; Social Education, Technology, Women Equality in Society, LGBT Rights, Cultural Barriers, Children, Environment and Sustainability, Refugees, etc.. For further information; you can check EVS Database with these topics. After this brief description, I would like to tell about the process.

My EVS Application Story

Everything started between March- April 2016. To go Portugal where I did my Erasmus+ Study and Placement Mobility is one of my goals. As I have Green-Turkish-Passport, I was planning to go for about 2 months. Besides, I have been planning to start my master degree study in Portugal and also to improve my Portuguese background. When I go there, my first goal was to stay in Portugal for a long time, to adapt myself into it is culture and lifestyle and to create a network for my future job. Afterward, I decided to apply for the European Voluntary Service as a result of these reasons and I had experience of Volunteering before.

Firstly, I started the project research on “” (I made application through this web page, besides on this web page, there are lots of sites with the opportunity of EVS that you can apply. If you can do a detailed research on it, you can find lots of.)

On this web page, I found two long-term EVS projects under the name of “Take to Chance” from Turkey Europe Foundation in Portugal. I said reasons about why I searched long-term projects. In this context, Firstly I applied to an organization namely GeoClube. During the application, I filled in an application form on which some personal information asked, I wrote myself and included a small paragraph about my motivation. Then, I sent my CV and Motivation Letter in Europass format (you can obtain these two documents easily by clicking and filling necessary parts on the link). After I did Skype Interview from Organisation but I could not get selected for this project. For this reason, my host organization Turkey Europe Foundation forwarded me to the other organization in the same project in a small Portuguese Village namely Arrouqueulas. The name of the organization is H2O – Associação de Jovens de Arrouquelas. After completing the Skype Interview with them, I finished the necessary procedures and traveled to Portugal. (You can reach the EVS Visa Process of Portugal by clicking here.) Visa process can be exhausting and stressful for some people. A little advice about application process; If you have followed the right process, you won’t have any trouble. Be sure to have contact with your Sending Organization and Hosting Organisation. They will always provide you necessary support.

Our Old Office “H2O – Associação de Jovens de Arrouquelas “

Let me talk about the details of my project and the city I stay. H2O – Associação de Jovens de Arrouquelas is a youth organization in a small village of Portugal called Arrouquelas. My organization makes various projects; youth exchanges, activities, and Voluntary and Social works. It is known by everyone from the village and in nearby provinces, and is also a popular organization and works with many institutes in neighbor cities, and also organization is known well by Portugal National Agency. The Population of the village is about 600, as well as the distance between Santarem and Arrouquelas is about 25-30 km and also approximately 10-15 km far away from other closest city called Rio Maior. About EVS Project details; works of this organization is carried out 3 different institutes. These institutes are Naturidade Rio Maior, CEEO Ninho and Agurapemento Escola Fernando do Casimierio. Let me explain briefly the works of these organizations, Naturidade is a rehabilitation and healing center for elder people. CEEO Ninho is a special education center for people with mental disabilities, and Agurapemento Escola Fernando do Casimierio is a primary school in Rio Maior. In addition to these three institutes, you can make your own idea and project with your coordinator.

Some photos from my works 1-)Postcards from Portugal 2-) One work day from CEEO Ninho 3-) EVS Arrival Training – Braga/PORTUGAL

I will write more detailed articles about my project in coming days. Briefly; I explained the general information for my project for now. If you have any questions about EVS, or if you want to apply EVS, you can contact me through my contact section.

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